Only Strings - Orchestra

Ensemble playing is a fun, inclusive, and essential skill for a developing musician. Possessing the ability to play music in any group situation - orchestras, quartets, at church or with a piano accompaniment is a lifelong skill. "Only Strings" is a student training string ensemble suited for string players who have achieved AMEB grade 1 or higher. These group classes focus on developing ensemble skills, playing in time/together, following a conductor and learning to play musically in an ensemble. Music reading skills are essential. Quartet lessons are available for more advanced students – AMEB grade 3 and above.

Available Lessons

Lesson NameTimeDay of the WeekSchool Year LevelLocationClass LengthTeachersEnrolEnrol
Only Strings - Orchestra5:40pmFriday1 - 12Hopetoun St Studio 60 minutes Emily CalderEnrol
Fiddle Sticks - Orchestra5:00pmFriday0 - 5Hopetoun St Studio 40 minutes Emily CalderEnrol